Out in the wild, your roving heart wants to seize and freeze every alluring frame, but your cautious mind tells you to protect your precious lens first. Now with rainBan, you can listen to both, and capture all those stunning images that sprout only during the rains or in the dust, while keeping your lens shielded from the elements.

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Made of durable nylon, this dust- and water-resistant cover protects 400 to 800 mm lenses, enabling you to freeze special moments without having your lens catch a cold, or worse.  What’s more, it is easy to carry, consumes little space, and doesn’t pour water over your idea of travelling light and packing smart! So you may venture into the mountains and the hinterlands, where the curtains of rain and dust come down only to unveil a whole new world of utter beauty before your eyes, while rainBan has your lens covered, quite literally!

Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have seen similar products online. How good is this, really?

In short, it is the best. For rainBan is designed ergonomically with the collective experience of our expert photographers, and to the highest standards of quality.  This makes rainBan the perfect cover for your camera lens in dust and rain.

All right. How well is it made?

rainBan is made of nylon with high quality straps to protect your camera lenses from rain and dust. It is highly durable, and your camera sits snugly in it as you continue to capture the world around you in dust or rain.

Is the product dust-proof too?

You bet it is! Which means rainBan’s the best outfit for your lens in any weather.

Very well. Which lenses is rainBan recommended for?

rainBan is ideal for 400 to 800mm lenses.

Can’t I use it for shorter lenses too?

We’re afraid rainBan can be a little too big for lenses with of focal length lesser than 300mm.

Thanks for your candour. Is this product available in different sizes?

Not yet, but the cover comes with adjustable straps to fit various lenses (between 300 and 800mm).

Fair enough. Does rainBan cover the camera as well?

It is long enough to cover the camera when used with a 400mm lens, but not with lenses of longer focal lengths.

Understandable. Now, what if my lens gets wet despite using rainBan?

Although rainBan protects your lens from rain and dust, we recommend discretion over valour when using it in heavy weather. We respectfully submit that we cannot be held liable for any damage or malfunction in your equipment when rainBan is being used – not due to lack of confidence in rainBan, but due to the occasional severity of Mother Nature!

I’m sold! How quickly can you ship my rainBan?

We will ship your rainBan within four days of receipt of your payment.  Most shipments are delivered within four working days of the date of dispatch, but if it’s likely to take longer, we’ll let you know in advance!

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 80 × 37 cm

Durable material Water- and dust-resistance Adjustable straps Dark olive green colour Ease of carrying


Material: Nylon Colour: Forest green Gear Profile: 1 D-SLR with 400mm to 800mm lens attached Type of Closure: Drawstrings Carrying Options: Inside a backpack Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects.


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