Toepi – The Toehold Safari Cap



Be it under a canopy where light is in search of its own shadows, or in a grey sweeping of time, or on a wildlife safari in early evenings, Toepi is your stylish headgear to complete your look, feel and protection as an ardent traveller.  Not only does it offer a close-fitting covering for your head, but also it puts you at ease with its soft and supple blended cotton material.


The colours of the Toepi are perfectly chosen to offer you camouflage – a classic elegance in khaki or forest-green shade that suits any style you choose to don on your travel expeditions.

Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t ‘topi’ an antelope in East Africa?

It certainly is, but our product is called ‘Toepi’, which is Kannada for ‘cap’, and what a cap it is too! Some say it’s the best safari cap on the planet. And who are we to argue?

Ah, I see! Is Toepi washable?

Yes, it is. It can be washed and dried when needed, so your head remains your gleaming crowning glory at all times.

Neat. Is the size adjustable?
Of course! We have the highest regard for the variability of the size of the human head, so we’ve equipped Toepi with a smart buckle at the back that makes size adjustments trivial.
Heady. Is the product waterproof?

That, we’re afraid, it isn’t. It might stand a mild drizzle, but not a torrent. We suggest you make alternative arrangements to keep both your precious head and Toepi dry in such inclement weather.

Fair enough. Does the cap absorb sweat?

It does. So, even when you’re travelling under a desert sun in summer, Toepi will keep your head dry and brain cool.

Cool indeed. Is the material easy on my hair?
Very! Made of soft cotton, the cap has nothing but love and care for your hair. It will also protect your locks from a sudden gust of wind and dust.
Nice. Does the colour fade?

No. Toepi comes in khaki and forest-green colours, which do not fade easily. So you may wear the colours that a forest wears and wander around camouflaged well for a long time.

Is Toepi a unisex product?

Yes; Toepi is equally at home on the heads of either gender. Both men and women can wear it with equal pride and flaunt a dashing look wherever they travel to.

Does Toepi make me acquire honeyed wisdom that only travel allows?

Ah! We’re afraid not. But there’s another way – choose from the exciting range of Toehold travel expeditions and make your own travel stories, for the world is immensely vast, and every story matters.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Durable material Anti-fading colours Comfortable fit Camouflage for forest/wildlife use


Material: Blended cotton Dimensions: Adult cap size (with an adjustable buckle at the back) Size adjustment: yes; buckle mechanism Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects.


Green, Brown, Black