Have a photography beanbag? Meet your most useful accessory.

PanPod. A high-quality tool designed specifically for beanbags. Because while beanbags are great at providing support, they’re not as good at letting you move your lens from side to side without accidentally moving the focus.  Even deliberately changing focus by tweaking the ring is an onerous task on a beanbag, since the ring would be resting on the surface.

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Toehold’s PanPod resolves these problems by deftly combining the best of tripod and beanbag ergonomics in one smooth pan.  Its surface rests flatly on your beanbag, while the pan head lets you swivel your lens smoothly and stably without the lens ever touching the beanbag surface.  The head is beautifully damped so it’s perfect for videos too.

Made of an aluminum alloy and designed cleverly to stay light, PanPod will add a whole load of convenience to your shooting without contributing an awful lot of weight to your kit!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the confines of a vehicle, a tripod is not practical at all. A beanbag is the most sensible way of supporting your lens. But since the lens rests in direct contact with the surface of the beanbag, you are likely to run into focusing difficulties. Therefore, you need a device that can combine the freedom of a tripod with the practicality of a beanbag, and that’s exactly what PanPod allows you to do.
You can use PanPod with a beanbag, such as when shooting from a safari vehicle, or in a pan or flying disk, such as when approaching a bird by crawling. You can also use it by resting it directly on a flat surface, whenever possible.
PanPod can take any lens you can throw at it, all the way up to 800mm. Just attach the right plate to the foot of the tripod collar of your lens, and you’re good to shoot!
PanPod is made of a special aluminium alloy, which makes it very light to carry. PanPod only adds convenience to your shooting, and not excessive weight.
The grade of aluminium alloy used to make PanPod is of the highest quality, and each PanPod is stress-tested to ensure the highest standards of strength. No matter what lens you use with it, your PanPod is likely to deliver durability for years.
No. In order to maintain the simplicity, integrity and reliability of the design, we made the pan head non-detachable.
We think not at all. Whether you are using PanPod with a beanbag or on the ground in a pan, you’ll anyway not be raising or lowering your setup significantly, so a ball head is unnecessary.

No. Since the pan head is permanently attached to the base, you cannot buy PanPod without the pan head.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 4 cm

Clever design for superior balance Pan head damped to perfection Perfect for both stills and video Supports any telephoto lens with foot Light weight and great strength Easy to pack and carry Works perfectly on beanbags


Material: Aluminium alloy Type of head: 360-degree pan Colour: Black Warranty: 6 months, against manufacturing defects, and problems with the panning system arising thereof, and NOT due to negligent and rough use.