dimBu 4.0 – Camera Beanbag for Nature Photographers


dimBu is India’s most popular Photography Camera Beanbag. That’s because apart from being mistaken for a cool purse, it is simply the most valuable tool in stabilizing your telephoto lens setup, and taking the weight off your shoulders – quite literally.  And in version 4, it’s lighter, better, and more de rigueur than ever. It’s also a bean bag that can withstand the rain, something most of our customers had been asking for.

Now, you can turn your back to blurry images due to the absence of a tripod, and stop performing weightlifting feats in hand-holding your heavy lens.  Designed masterfully to fit on a variety of surfaces and be useful in a wide range of situations, dimBu offers a solid platform for 400 to 800mm telephoto lenses, with a wide top that ensures a grippy area for your lens to rest on, and its soft surface being totally easy on your lens, causing both your arm and your lens to thank you!


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All New dimBu camera beanbag

  • A wider base for better balance with ultra-telephoto lenses
  • A new design for better weight distribution and stability.
  • An in-built retractable funnel for easier filling.
  • A longer, strengthened handle for durability and easier carrying.
  • A flapped opening for a cleaner look.
Please note: Your dimBu will be shipped empty, and actual colours may vary from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use a super tele-photo lens like a 400, 500, 600 or 800mm, you cannot ignore the need for a beanbag, especially on safari. A much more practical and effective option than a tripod or a monopod in a vehicle, a beanbag is a smart way of avoiding bearing the weight of your lens while shooting, and achieving excellent stability for sharp pictures.

Toehold’s dimBu is carefully designed to lovingly support the barrel of your long lens, to stabilise the setup and enable sharp results for each shot.  Its legs are optimally sized to ensure stable positioning on a bar or window sill, while being small enough to avoid making it excessively heavy.  The leather top is grippy while being soft on your lens, and the handles are highly ergonomic and practical.  All of which gives us the confidence to declare dimBu as the best beanbag money can buy, at least in the Indian Subcontinent!

dimBu is manufactured using a sturdy material with high quality zippers, and soft water resistant material, to protect your lenses from scratches and marks.

dimBu weighs less than 200 gm when empty (which is how it’s shipped), and only about 5 kg when filled with rice or other grain (recommended).  Polyethylene beads may be used to keep the bag lighter, but we recommend keeping the bag heavy for superior stability, particularly with light lenses.

dimBu features double-stitched linings, especially for the handle straps, and high-quality zip flies, ensuring it can take quite a beating as a beast of burden.

dimBu is designed to support your predilection for squeaky cleanliness. You may certainly wash it (even using detergent).  Just be gentle!
Your dimBu will be shipped the same day if you’ve placed the order before 5:00 p.m. on a working day, or the next working day if you’ve placed the order after 5:00 p.m. or on a holiday.  Once shipped, your dimBu will be delivered within four working days, ready to be a rock of steadiness for all your photography and stand by you through shake and storm.

dimBu – pronounced /dim-boo/ – is Kannada for ‘pillow’. Because it offers the same comfort for your lens as a pillow does to you, and in day-to-day photography, is as much an essential accessory as a pillow is in everyday life!

Additional information

Weight 0.185 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 24 cm

Built for telephoto lenses Anti-skid surface for superior grip Ergonomic design for maximum user-friendliness Light and convenient to carry Highly durable construction for long life Soft leather top that keeps lenses scratch-free Can be filled with a wide range of material, such as rice, beans, plastic pellets, and polythene beads In-built retractable funnel for easy filling


Material: Canvas with suede Colour: Beige Gear Profile: Made to use telephoto lenses Type of Closure: Zipper Carrying Options: Inside a backpack (easily foldable when empty) Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects.