Leech Socks


Leech Socks

The pleasure of walking the woods can be severely offset by the pestilence of leech bites. Although leeches are completely innocuous, the thought of a creepy creature crawling down your ankles to suck your blood in the inky depths of your shoes can be utterly loathsome, and stop you from enjoying your jungle amble. Wishing you had never ventured out of your cosy home is certainly not how you want your dream trip to turn out.

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Toehold’s leech socks are a simple and easy way of countering this potential dampener and leech-proofing your lower limbs to a nicety. Designed to cover you all the way up to your knees, and more than thick enough to be not bitten through by leeches and other blood guzzlers, they make you impervious to crawly threats sucking the life out of your trip.

The material used is eminently breathable so you don’t break a sweat, while the reinforced stitching ensures it keeps keeping the leeches out as you keep walking your heart out. Get them today and focus on what you love, and shun out what sucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are these socks at keeping leeches out?

Through extensive practical experience we’ve seen and can assure you that they’re 100% effective.  That is to say that if you wear ’em and walk ’em, your flesh will remain out of the reach of thirsty leech mouths.

Excellent. How exactly do I use them?

We recommend you wear them over your normal socks, then slip your feet into gum-boots.

Sounds easy enough. Can I use them with normal shoes?

You certainly can, but you must be aware that your shoes might feel a bit tight because the leech socks are thick (to keep those leech teeth out).

Fair enough. Are these socks washable?

Absolutely!  They’re made of 100% cotton, so no special care is required. Just wash and dry as normal, and they’re good to be used again!

Neat. How durable are these?

Your leech socks are made to the highest standards of workmanship. Stitches are reinforced, and the strings are very strong, so you can expect to use your leech socks as leech repellents for many happy, bloodshed-free years.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 65 × 21 cm

Durable workmanship Designed for maximum coverage Breathable material Comfortable, and effective leech repellence


Material: 100% cotton Colour: Black Tightening mechanism: strings